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Plastic Couplers

Plastic couplers made by Colder Products Company (CPC) are the most common and most acknowledged connectors within the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. GMPTEC offers CPCs quick couplers MPC and MPX, sterile couplers AseptiQuik, disconnectors and many more products. Even Steam-Thru® connectors can be individually cleanroom packaged, delivered as a customized kit together with suiting gaskets, or as a sterilized ready-to-use assembly.

AseptiQuik, Steam-Thru, MPC and MPX Quick Couplers and more

Plastic and stainless steel couplers made by Colder Products Company represent technical core competence in the field of connection technology. Especially in biotechnological processes, their connectors have become enormously common during the past couple years. MPC and MPX couplers are names which are basically known by every operator in production and every OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Hardly any single-use assembly, which needs to get connected in some way, is being delivered without an MPC, MPX or AseptiQuik.

The quick couplers of the MPC and MPX series are available in many different sizes, models and materials. Moreover, sealing plugs, reductions and transitions to other tubing are possible with couplers from the same series.

AseptiQuik sterile couplers of the series S, G and L all have the same genderless design and type of body – they only differ in their sizes. So, unlike other couplers, they do not have a gender and every one of them fits into every other AseptiQuik of the same series. There is no need to check whether the gender of the opposite piece is male or female.

For connections of single-use equipment and stainless steel components, the patented Stream-Thru connector is ideally suited and technically unique. You can connect a sterilized and closed single-use-system via Tri-Clamp to a stainless steel system and the product is still sterile when it flows into the single-use system. This is possible because the transition from the Steam-Thru connector to the system or the vessel is being sterilized with steam.

GMPTEC does not only deliver couplers! We also repackage and label customized kits with different types and sizes of couplers, plugs, gaskets and clamps, exactly matching to your requirements. Additionally, we design connection assemblies or manifolds made of CPC MPC connectors, AseptiQuiks and further connections in small and large quantities for you – completely free of charges! The AseptiQuik couplers are for instance, often necessary as a junction to connect assemblies of different producers or to level out the physical distance between assemblies within the production area.

Areas of Application and Functions of the Plastic Couplers

  • Manifolds
  • Flow Reduction
  • Connecting bag assemblies
  • Connecting SUS of different manufacturers
  • Quick Couplers MPC and MPX
  • Sterile Coupler AseptiQuik
  • Vessel and system connection by SteamThru
  • Single-use technologies
  • Sampling manifolds
  • Double pump tubing set, assemblies (two Y pieces)
  • Filling connection
  • Flange connection
  • Bag connection

GMPTEC Plastic Couplers are compliant to:

  • USP Class VI
  • BSE/TSE (ADCF) certified
  • FDA CFR 177.1520
  • ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Production
  • Gamma sterilizable
  • Autoclavable
  • Identification of batches by QR Code on the sterile couplers

(Single types of product can vary in conformities and certificates)

Frequently asked questions about Plastic Couplers:

How many times can an MPC connection be autoclaved?2019-11-11T08:30:17+00:00

This depends on the material and the process, but usually it is about 10 to 25 cycles are possible. Polysulfone is the tougher material for autoclaving and should be preferred.

Are CPC AseptiQuik couplers autoclavable?2019-11-11T08:29:25+00:00

Yes, autoclavable versions of the AseptiQuik are available. The part numbers of these versions contain the suffix HT, which stands for High Temperature. Additionally all autoclavable AseptiQuiks are having white pull tabs instead of the regular blue ones.

What kind of MPC and MPX couplers are available?2019-11-11T08:27:54+00:00

There are many different sizes and types of MPC and MPX couplers available. Coupling bodies, inserts, back-to-back adapters and even sanitary connectors can be utilized to meet the requirements of your individual processes. The MPC and MPX couplers cover a wide range of different dimensions and are available for tubing with inner diameter of 1/8” up to 1/2″. The standard materials are Polycarbonate and Polysulfone, which both fulfill specific tasks.

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