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Tubing Clamps

Tubing clamps made of plastic are being used to start or stop the product flow. Their handling is simple and even with gloved hands they are easy to use. The plastic tubing clamps are available in different sizes and should be chosen according to the outer diameter of the tubing. Furthermore, there are different colors and materials to choose from. Depending on the model, the tubing clamps are autoclavable, gamma sterilizable and suitable for multi-use or single-use applications.


General information about Tubing Clamps

Plastic tubing clamps can be found wherever tubing and also components made of plastic are being used. They have become a standard for pre-assembled systems. They are easy to handle, minimize the risk of errors and enable to regulate a process efficiently. The possible applications are numerous and reach from simple sampling to complex manifolds where process tubing have to be opened and closed in a certain order.

When selecting the correct clamp especially the material, the shore hardness and possible reinforcements of the material, for instance by fabric lining, are to be considered. Furthermore, it also needs to be verified which methods of sterilization your tubing clamp needs to endure, because not every material is suitable for each type of sterilization process. Our tubing clamps are being delivered with a certificate of conformity and are retraceable by batch.

Some of the clamps can be secured against unintended opening by a cable tie, to increase the process safety and decrease the risk of false handling. Different colored tubing clamps facilitate the identification of the correct tubing, safe time and also reduce the risk of mistakes by the operator.

As part of our cleanroom service we offer you the possibility to repackage your clamps individually, label them and also mark them permanently by laser engraving. We also offer customized kits of multiple clamps in different sizes and colors that exactly suit the needs of your process.

Compatible tubing for clamps can be found here.

Features and Properties of Tubing Clamps

  • Light Weight
  • Autoclavable and also Gamma sterilizable
  • Production in an ISO class 7 Cleanroom
  • Batches are retraceable
  • Laser Engraving possible
  • Different Colors available

Processes and applications

  • Single-Use Assemblies
  • Multi-Use Assemblies
  • Transfer of Liquids
  • Sampling
  • Cell Cultivation, Harvest and also Fermentation
  • Filling Applications

Conformities and properties

  • USP Class VI compliant
  • FDA compliant
Description Article ID Max. Outer Diameter Material
Tubing Clamp, small GTCS 6,4 mm / 0.25″ Acetal / ABS / Polyester
Tubing Clamp, small GTCSP 6,4 mm / 0.25″ Polypropylen / ABS
Tubing Clamp, micro GTSCXX 2,8 mm / 0.11” Acetal / ABS
Tubing Clamp, micro GTSX 4,1 mm / 0.16” Polypropylen / Acetal
Tubing Clamp, medium GTCOPS2 12,7 mm / 0.50” Polypropylen / Polyester
Tubing Clamp, medium GTCP2 11,4 mm / 0.45” Polypropylene / Polyester
Tubing Clamp, medium GTC 11,4 mm / 0.45” Polypropylene / Polyester / Acetal
Tubing Clamp, large GTCLB 19,1 mm / 0.75” Polyester
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