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Sanitary Clamp

The Sanitary Clamp made of plastic is being used to connect two Sanitary Flanges or aSURE™ Tri-Clamp flanges with each other and obtain a secure Tri-Clamp connection. A Clamp made of plastic has multiple advantages compared to one made of stainless-steel, which even gain relevancy when it´s used to connect multiple plastic components. Vs. Stainless Steel, the plastic Clamp for instance, is lighter and can even be used on tubings that are not propped up ideally. Moreover, they are gamma-sterilizable and prevent possible physical damages on the plastic ports which could happen easily when using a Clamp made of stainless-steel. 


Sanitary Clamp made of plastic

The Sanitary Clamp is made of a nylon that is reinforced by glass fiber. It is USP class VI and also FDA conform. Also the material is suitable for all regular methods of sterilization, it can be autoclaved and gamma sterilized. 

Our Plastic TC Clamp can be integrated in nearly every assembly and process, in which Tri-Clamp connections are being used. Since the Tri-Clamp connections have become a secure standard within the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry for many years the application possibilities are numerous. The possibilities reach from simple WFI-transfers to complex filtration processes.

The Sanitary Clamp is available in many different sizes and is therefore ideal for processes with smaller and also bigger volumes. It can be retraced by batch and equipped with closure screw nuts in the colors white, blue, red, yellow or green, depending on the process and medium. By it’s specific design it is secured against opening up by accident and can be additionally secured after installation. 

Every time when stainless-steel and plastic components are being connected, synthetic Sanitary Clamps are the most sensitive to both flanges. A clamp made of stainless-steel can easily be pulled to tight and create a risk, that the Tri-Clamp connection could be damaged which also creates leakages or larger losses of product. Examples of plastic TC flange items are Steam-Thru adapters or Tri-Clamp plastic fittings.

As part of our cleanroom services we offer you the possibility to package, label and mark the Sanitary Clamps individually and permanently by laser engraving. Also we can compile kits of multiple components with Clamps with different colored wing nuts for instance.

You can find the suitable gaskets for the Sanitary Clamps here!

Sanitary Clamp – Specialties, processes and applications

  • Light weight
  • Not only connection of plastic, but also connection stainless-steel equipment
  • Protects synthetic components of damage
  • Stainless-steel and also plastic equipment
  • Process tubings
  • WFI-transfer
  • Single-use assemblies and also Multi-use assemblies
  • Filtration applications

Sanitary Clamps made of plastics are/ are conform to

  • USP Class VI
  • FDA 21 CFR 177.1500
  • Nylon reinforced by glass fiber
  • EtO, E-Beam, autoclavable and gamma sterilizable
  • production in an ISO class 7 cleanroom
  • Retraceable by batch
  • Laser engraving possible
  • Colored wing nuts  

Sanitary Clamp sizes

Part Number Size Max Pressure
GMP-BIOCLAMP-0500-0750 1/2″ – 3/4″ Tri-Clamp 10 bar
GMP-BIOCLAMP-1000-1500 1” – 1-1/2” Tri-Clamp 10 bar
GMP-BIOCLAMP-2000 2” Tri-Clamp 10 bar
GMP-BIOCLAMP-3000 3” Tri-Clamp 8 bar
GMP-BIOCLAMP-4000 4” Tri-Clamp 5 bar
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