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Assembled Hoses

Assembled hoses are hoses with crimped stainless steel fittings. These hoses can be manufactured according to individual customer requirements, in order to exactly fit existing systems or connections. Assembled hoses are especially suitable for processes with high pressure and high temperatures. For example, they can be used in Steam-in-Place processes, where vessels and systems made of stainless steel are being sterilized by steam.


General information about Assembled Hoses

Assembled hoses are being used in many areas of the pharmaceutical and also biotechnological industry. They are needed to flexibly connect existing, fixed vessels, systems and also pipes with each other. One of the biggest advantage is, that assembled hoses can be individually fitted to match existing equipment without any problems or the need for costly changes. Furthermore, they allow to compensate vibrations or motions, which wouldn’t be possible with a fixed piping system.

All hoses are delivered with a batch-related certificate of conformance, are pressure tested and also compliant to the requirements of USP Class VI, E.P. 3.1.9 and further material standards.

They are usually equipped with Tri-Clamp connections, since this type of connection has become an established standard within the pharmaceutical industry. Alternatives like welding ends or hygienic couplings are also possible. Those connections are usually made of stainless-steel 1.4404 / 1.4435. Further materials are also available upon request.

The standard surface quality is Ra < 0.8 µm. Electro polished versions with a surface quality of up to Ra 0.2 µm are available upon request.

The manufacturing process of assembled hoses follows highest standards and also strict hygienic guidelines, in order to guarantee that the junction of the hose and the fitting is as smooth as possible.

GMPTEC offers the assembled hoses in a variety of materials – for example:

Braided silicone tubing
Braided and wire reinforced silicone tubing
Braided and wire reinforced silicone tubing with PFA inner layer
Antistatic, braided and wire reinforced silicone tubing with PFA inner layer
Antistatic PFA tubing for applications within an ATEX area

Interested in further materials and consumables related to assembled hoses?

Here you will find suiting Tri-Clamp gaskets and clamps!

Are you looking for tubing with Tri-Clamp connections made of silicone or TPE? Those can be found here: Moldings!

Features of the Assembled Hoses

  • Not only big selection of materials, but also big selection of types
  • SIP and also autoclavable
  • High chemical resistance
  • Batches are retraceable
  • Laser engraving is possible

Processes and Applications

  • Vessels and also Systems
  • WFI Tubing
  • Process Tubing
  • Steam-in-Place Applications
  • Clean-in-Place Applications

Conformities and Properties

  • UPS Class VI compliant
  • E.P. 3.1.9
  • FDA CFR 177.1550 compliant
  • 3-A Standard
  • Free of animal components
  • cGMP Standards

The conformities and also properties may vary depending on the material of the Assembled Hose.

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