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Vessle Components

Vessle Components for GMP processes and system vessles are available in many shapes and functions. GMPTEC offers a broad product range of mountable vessle parts or weldable components for pressure vessles. You can find an overview of types of vessle technology products in the following table:

cGMP Vessles and Vessle Components

In GMP productions, vessles are being use for many stationary or mobile tasks. Fermenter respectively bioreactors as well as batch- and formulation tanks contain mixer of different types and manufacturers. Buffer and storage vessles can be equipment with many vessle components but usually they don’t have their own mixer. The most important vessle components on or in a vessle are tank outlet valves, riser pipes for emptying, filling accesses like Tri-Clamp flanges, block flanges and manhole openings or general vessle openings. Further vessle components like spray balls, magnetic mixers or sampling valves are commonly used, depending on the performance specifications and application.

The GMPTEC portfolio also contains mountable vessle components, which do not necessarily need to be installed during the vessles production. This includes parts like gaskets, manometer, bursting discs, various sampling systems and other adaptable Tri-Clamp elements.

The following picture shows a typical vessle with our vessle components and is being provided by our partner Romynox BV:

Behälterkomponenten Übersicht

Technical Information about Vessle Components

  • -1 to 10 bar or higher vessle pressure (depending on the product)
  • Working temperature 0°C to 150°C
  • Plastics especially used in gaskets are PTFE, EPDM, Silicone, Kalrez, Buna und Viton
  • Steel materials (1.4404 – 316L, 1.4435, Duplex and more)
  • Bearing materials are silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, PEEK or diamond coating
  • The surface quality of all areas touching the product is mostly SF1

Vessle Components are compliant to:

  • USP Class VI (depending on the component)
  • FDA conformity (depending on the component)
  • 3.1 certificate (for stainless-steel)
  • Relabel documentation (for stainless-steel)
  • Surface quality up to Ra < 0,2µm
  • IP protection classification
  • CE conformity
  • ATEX protection of explosion (on request)

Frequently asked Questions about Vessle Components:

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