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Pharmaceutical tubing for GMP processes have to be produced, stored and tracked by batch according to high quality standards. The material quality, the production process within the cleanroom and the overall supply chain of FDA compliant tubing are highly important for the security and quality of the final pharmaceutical product.

Types of Pharma-Tubing

There are many different types and sizes of FDA conform tubing for pharmaceutical productions. Since there is no universal tubing fulfilling all requirements, it is very important to know all necessary application parameters in order to choose the correct tubing. The portfolio of GMPTEC offers a broad variety of materials, sizes and types for different applications.

The most common types of tubing in the pharmaceutical industry are transparent silicone tubing and weldable TPE tubing (thermoplastic elastomer) and you will hardly find a GMP production without them. Both types are displayed on our website and we will gladly send you data sheets and further information for your validation – feel free to inquire!

In the product category at the top of this page, you will also find pump tubing, fluoropolymer tubing and other types that can be used in complete single-use assemblies or as individual components.

For repeated usage in systems or vessels, GMPTEC offers tubing that are designed to withstand high pressure and CIP/SIP processes. These are available with braided reinforcement for pressure applications or with additional wire reinforcement for vacuum applications.

No matter if development, upstream, downstream or other processes, with our help you will find the best tubing for every area and every application! Gladly, we will visit you on-site or advise you via telephone and e-mail. We are always available for consultation and advice of any kind, whether trials, troubleshooting or validation.

Pharma-Tubing Applications and Application Areas

  • Transfer of product
  • Fill and finish
  • Fermentation
  • Perfusion
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Assemblies
  • Sampling
  • Buffer
  • Clean in place (CIP)
  • Sterilization in place (SIP)
  • Vacuum processes
  • High pressure processes
  • Food, cosmetic and chemical industry

GMPTEC Tubing are compliant to:

  • USP Class VI
  • BSE/TSE Statement
  • FDA
  • 3.1 (connected stainless-steel fittings)
  • Cleanroom ISO class 7 production
  • Dissipative (product related)
  • Gamma radiation resistant
  • Autoclavable

Frequently asked Questions about Pharma-Tubing

Is silicone tubing suitable for peristaltic pumps?2019-10-24T08:59:46+00:00

Yes, some silicone tubing show even better results in pump applications than TPE based, typical opaque pump tubing. However, it is always depending on the individual process to decide which one is the better pump tubing.

What is the maximum pressure for a silicone tubing?2019-10-24T08:59:07+00:00

Depending on the manufacturer, there are little differences in the figures of the allowed working pressure. Usually the bursting pressure is 4 to 5 times higher than the stated working pressure, which is a good safety factor. As a general rule, the working pressure of a transparent silicone tubing is about 0.5 – 1.2 bar. These values depend on the tubing catalyzer, the shore hardness and the inner and outer diameter.

Can braided tubing be used as a suction hose?2019-10-24T08:58:35+00:00

This depends on the negative pressure. Even a braided tubing can collapse, when the negative pressure is too high. Therefore, we recommend a tubing with an additional wire reinforcement for applications with negative pressure.

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