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The correct choice of sensors is inevitable for liquid productions. Without the necessary process monitoring by using sensors, there is no way to tell what happens within the systems, vessels or single-use assemblies. Processes can’t be controlled or adjusted without them. The GMPTEC portfolio offers numerous sensors and measuring equipment. Feel free to contact us if you require a specific kind of sensor or choose one from the following list of products:

Sensors in GMP Processes

At GMPTEC you will find sensors which are suitable for both, single-use and multi-use productions. The adaption of the sensors into the flow path, vessel or bag can be done either as invasive or non-invasive. We gladly offer you our experience and consulting in order for you to find the suiting sensor.

GMPTEC Types of Sensors

Coriolis Sensors – The measurement of flow rates by measuring the mass flow rate. This is the most precise and complex measuring method for flow rates.

Coriolis Single-Use Sensor – This sensor is the only solution worldwide, that allows to measure the mass flow rate in single-use systems.

Vortex Sensors – A rather simple sensor design for in-line applications. A vortex counter detects the turbulences caused by a baffle, which allows to measure the speed of the medium flowing through the sensor.

Rotary Sensor – Similar to the vortex sensor, the rotary sensor also has its measuring device within the product flow. In this case it’s a rotor. The number of its rotations is being used to determine the flow rate.

Ultrasound Flow Sensor – A clip-on sensor which gets attached to a tubing or plastic pipe and measures the flow rate via ultrasound. It is completely non-invasive and no components are in contact with the product flow.

Pressure Gauge – An instrument to measure pressure in single-use assemblies (with TC membrane), but mostly for stainless steel systems and vessels.

Bubble Detector – Entirely non-invasive, this sensor measures via ultrasound whether there are air bubbles in the product flow inside the tubing.

GMPTEC Sensors are compliant to:

  • USP Class VI
  • BSE/TSE – free of animal components
  • FDA Conformity
  • RoHS
  • USP 661
  • USP 788
  • CE Conformity
  • Cleanroom Production
  • Gamma sterilizable
  • Autoclavable

(The conformities and certificates can deviate for some product types)

Frequently asked questions about Sensors:

Which sensors are suitable for tangential filtration?2019-11-11T08:08:42+00:00

Tangential filtration or TFF systems require highest precision in terms of flow rate measurement. The most suiting sensors are the ones using the Coriolis effect. On request, we’ll gladly offer you our multi-use or single-use versions of the Coriolis sensors.

How can I prevent damages on my pressure gauge?2019-11-11T08:07:33+00:00

For this purpose, we recommend our closed silicone membrane gaskets. They cover the metal membrane of the pressure gauge with a thin silicone layer, which acts like a flexible buffer for the metal. In case you are looking for further information, feel free to contact us via e-mail or our contact form

Which is the least expensive flow sensor?2019-11-11T08:06:00+00:00

The vortex sensor and rotary sensor are the two most low-priced types of sensors. The rotary sensors are also available as single-use in-line sensors. However, these sensors also have the highest tolerance in precision. If a very precise measurement is required, it is recommended to consider the Coriolis sensors.

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