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Bottles and Containers

Bottles and containers made of plastic are being used for many different processes within the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. The GMPTEC portfolio includes a broad range of materials and types of plastic bottles and containers and allows to cover basically every type of application.

Additionally, we offer a big selection of high-quality glass wares. The product selection covers bottles, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, measuring cylinders and much more. These products are commonly used in laboratories and stand out due to their high quality and durability!

Bottles, Containers, Vials and more

Components like bottles, containers and vials can be found in nearly every company and are used for sampling, medium preparation, buffers or filling applications. Depending on the intended application, different types and volumes are being used, which need to be optimally matched to the individual processes.

Big volume carboys are commonly used for medium preparation or buffer storage and reach volumes that cannot be covered with standard bottles. They have a robust design and carrying handles on their shoulders that facilitate their handling. These carboys are available in the materials HDPE, PP, PC and PETG, which means, that they can be autoclaved as well as gamma sterilized.

High purity PFA and FEP bottles are especially suited for filling, storage and transport of high-quality and sensible drug substances. Our Purillex™ bottles stand out due to the fact that both, the bottle and the closure, are being manufactured from a single material. This avoids the common use of two different materials and creates a bottle which exclusively consists of high purity fluoropolymer. These bottles have a really high temperature resistance, which allows to use them for processes for which common bottles cannot be used. Purillex™ bottles are available in sizes from 50 to 2000 ml.

PFA vials with a volume of 3 to 15 ml are perfectly suited for validation purposes or storage of individual production batch samples. Like the bottles, these vials and their closure only consist of high purity PFA material and have a really high temperature resistance.

Single-use systems mainly use bottles and containers that can be sterilized by gamma irradiation and allow to ship a sterilized ready-to-use product. Multi-use components need to be made of robust materials, because they are getting cleaned and sterilized via autoclave multiple times. Within our portfolio, you can find both types of materials and even a few products that can be used for both, gamma-sterilization and autoclaving.

Needless to say, that we also offer a huge variety of different glass wares. These are commonly used in laboratories or research departments, can be autoclaved, have a high durability and are manufactured from high-class glass. The product range includes bottles, beakers, measuring cylinders and much more.

GMPTEC offers you a large product range, fast shipping times and high stock levels! All our bottles and containers are supplied with a batch-related certificate of conformance.

Are you searching for a certain type of bottle or container? Just let us know and we’ll find the perfect solution for you!

Additionally to our standard parts, we also offer the option to customize bottles and containers and deliver them as ready-to-use assemblies! Our product range covers simple sampling systems as well as complex sampling manifolds and even complete filling assemblies. Further information can be found on the product page “Bottle Assemblies”!

Types of Bottles and Containers

  • Standard Bottles (round & square)
  • High purity Bottles
  • High purity Vials
  • Carboys
  • Centrifuge Bottles
  • Glass Bottles
  • Erlenmeyer Flasks
  • Measuring Cylinders
  • Measuring Beakers

Applications for Bottles and Containers

  • Single-Use Assemblies
  • Multi-Use Assemblies
  • Sampling Processes
  • Filling Applications
  • Buffer Containers
  • Preperation Containers
  • Cell Cultivation
  • Waste-Containers
  • Manifolds
  • Media Fill Assemblies
  • Freeze Processes
  • Bulk Drug Substances
  • Laboratory Processes

Bottles and Containers are compliant to

  • USP Class VI <88> Biological Reactivity
  • USP Class VI <87> Cytotoxicity
  • USP Class VI <85> Endotoxins
  • FDA 21 CFR
  • BSE/TSE Free
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Batch Traceable
  • Leak Testing
  • Gamma Resistant
  • Autoclavable
  • ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Manufacturing
  • cGMP Standards

(Certificates and conformities can vary depending on the choice of materials)

Frequently asked Questions about Bottles and Containers:

Do bottles and containers always require a vent filter?2019-12-10T11:05:28+00:00

As long as the whole system needs to be completely closed during the process, they always require a vent filter. This filter equalizes the pressure and allows to fill or empty the bottle. If the closure of the bottle can be open during the process, a vent filter is not necessarily needed.

What is the largest possible volume of a container?2019-12-10T11:04:37+00:00

GMPTEC offers you a huge number of bottles and containers in different sizes. For standard bottles, the volume is usually between 125 – 2000 ml. However, carboys can archive a maximum volume of up to 75 liters!

Can plastic bottles be used for freezing applications?2019-12-10T11:03:39+00:00

Most bottles should not be used for freezing applications, as the materials are not designed for it and could easily crack or become brittle. However, the GMPTEC portfolio also includes high purity Purillex™ PFA or FEP bottles, which have been developed especially for flash freezing applications with liquid nitrogen. These bottles have an enormous temperature resistance and can withstand -328 °F to 392 °F.

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