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Vacuum Filtration

During the vacuum filtration process, media is filled into a funnel and filtrated through a membrane at the bottom, by applying vacuum. By doing so, media can be purified and unwanted residues are removed. This kind of filtration process is commonly used in laboratories or research facilities, because it can be done rather quickly and easily. It enables the sterile filtration of unsterile media without much efforts. GMPTEC offers a broad range of vacuum filtration equipment and mounting devices.



Information about Vacuum Filtration

Our vacuum filtration equipment can be used for many different purposes and allows, to sterilely filtrate a media into a closed storage bottle by applying vacuum. This allows to remove residues, particulates, cells and viruses from the media and immediately fill the purified media into a bottle. Afterwards it can easily be processed, examined and stored. The process of vacuum filtration is commonly used in research and development or laboratories, with rather small volumes in the range of up to 1.000 ml.

GMPTEC vacuum filtration bottles are manufactured in a controlled environment, packaged and afterwards gamma sterilized. The whole manufacturing process is in accordance to a certified quality management system and constantly monitored. Non sterilized products are available upon request.

All bottles, membranes and funnels are being produced by high-quality materials only and have been tested extensively. All products are being shipped with a batch number and certificate of conformance. This certificate shows information like batch number, date of manufacturing and material standards. The high quality of the filtration equipment assures perfect results, even in critical applications.

Our filtration units are part of an extensive sterility validation, which allows us to certify a sterility assurance level of 10-6 for gamma sterilized products. This means that the media is being filtrated into a closed, certified sterile bottle and is protected from potential germs and contaminations. These pre-sterilized bottles are being used as single-use and are exchanged after every filtration application.

GMPTEC also offers filtration equipment for glass bottles with GL45 thread. These products can be screwed onto regular glass bottles and allow to directly filter media into them and process it afterwards. This means that the same bottles can be used multiple times and only the filtration funnel needs to be exchanged.

The vacuum filtration equipment provided by GMPTEC is available as centrifuge tubes or bottles and covers filtration volumes of up to 1.000 ml.

If you are interest in our vacuum filtration products or have additional questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

Features and Properties of Vacuum Filtration

  • Easy to Use
  • High Performance
  • High Process Safety
  • Docking Station available
  • Extensively Certified
  • Top-Quality Materials
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Optimized Handling
  • Graduated Scale

Processes and Applications

  • Media Preparation
  • Media Purification
  • Sterile Filtration
  • Bacteria Reduction
  • Bacteria Separation
  • Mycoplasma Reduction
  • Laboratory Applications
  • Research and Development
  • Storage and Transport
  • Quality Control

Conformities and Properties

  • USP Class VI
  • Animal Derived Component Free
  • Cleanroom Manufacturing
  • Gamma Sterilizable
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Batch Traceable
  • cGMP Standards

Details and Information about available Sizes and Membranes

In the following chart you can find an overview of available volumes, product types, membrane materials and pore sizes.

Simply combine the individual parameters and request your personal quote!

Volume Type Membrane
150 ml Filtration Funnel including Storage Bottle, sterile 0,1 µm, PES
250 ml Filtration Funnel including Storage Bottle, non-sterile 0,22 µm, PES
500 ml Filtration Funnel 0,45 µm, PES
1000 ml Storage Bottle 0,22 µm, PTFE
0,22 µm, PVDF
0,45 µm + 0,22 µm, PES
0,22 µm + 0,1 µm, PES
0,45 µm + 0,22 µm, PVDF

Information regarding further sizes, docking stations and integrity test kits are available upon request.

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