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Quick Coupler MPC/MPX

The MPC and MPX Couplers are designed ergonomically and easily operable Quick Couplers with hose barb connections. They are well suitable for connecting tubings quickly with each other to obtain a secure and leakage free transfer of liquids. A connection is in this case always made of two parts: A male coupler and a female coupler. Within the particular series – MPC or MPX – the different sizes of tubing connections can be combined arbitrarily with another.


Information about MPC & MPX Quick Couplers

The MPX / MPC Coupler possess connections for tubings in the sizes of 3.2mm to 12.7mm. Therefore, they are fit for numerous different processes and also volumes. The connection works with a simple click-system and can be executed even with hand gloves. Once a connection is done the both halves of the Coupler can only be disconnected by activating the thump knob. This guarantees an additional security of process and prevents an opening by accident, which could easily cause a loss of product. 

The Quick Couplers are made of plastics and are available in the materials polysulfone or polycarbonate. Both materials self-evidently, have been tested exceedingly and are conform to USP class VI and also free of any animal derived components.

The production and packaging of the Couplers happens in a certified ISO class 7 clean room and this way, meets the highest requirements for product quality. Moreover, the used materials have been physically tested and will be delivered with detailed validation documents. 

Quick Couplers of the series MPC and MPX have become the standard in many areas of the pharmaceutical and also biotechnological industry by now. For example, it can be found on many pre-assembled bags of many bag manufacturers. They can excellently be integrated in present processes and facilitate the connection of not only tube sets, but also bags or other production equipment. 

The MPX and MPC Coupler can be used in autoclavable multi-use and also in gamma-sterilizable single-use assemblies. Due to it’s higher working temperature the material polysulfone should be chosen for autoclave applications, while the material polycarbonate is usually used for gamma-sterilized tubing sets. 

Specialties and properties of MPX and MPC Coupler

  • Simple handling even with gloved hands
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quick and easy connection of tubing segments
  • Can combine different tubing sizes with each other
  • Not only ETO, but also E-Beam, autoclavable and gamma-sterilizable
  • Production in an ISO class 7 cleanroom

Processes and applications

  • Not only single-use assemblies, but also multi-use assemblies
  • Transfer of liquids
  • Sampling
  • Cell cultivation, harvest and also fermentation
  • Filling applications

Conformities and properties

  • UPS Class VI
  • FDA conform
  • BSE/TSE conform

It would be our pleasure to design your individual ready-to-use assembly with you, to fit exactly to your processes and requirements. 

Of course we also offer the service of an individual packaging, labeling and sterilization of the Quick Couplers. They will be delivered exactly like you need them for your process! Click ME!

Details and information about MPC Quick Couplers

Part Number Connection Material ID OD
MPC17002T03 Female Polycarbonate 1/8” 3,2 mm
MPC17004T03 Female Polycarbonate 1/4″ 6,4 mm
MPC17006T03 Female Polycarbonate 3/8” 9,5 mm
MPCK17002T03 Female With Lock Polycarbonate 1/8” 3,2 mm
MPCK17004T03 Female With Lock Polycarbonate 1/4″ 6,4 mm
MPCK17006T03 Female With Lock Polycarbonate 3/8” 9,5 mm
MPC17002T39 Female Polysulfone 1/8” 3,2 mm
MPC17004T39 Female Polysulfone 1/4″ 6,4 mm
MPC17006T39 Female Polysulfone 3/8” 9,5 mm
MPCK17002T39 Female With Lock Polysulfone 1/8” 3,2 mm
MPCK17004T39 Female With Lock Polysulfone 1/4″ 6,4 mm
MPCK17006T39 Female With Lock Polysulfone 3/8” 9,5 mm
MPC22002T03M Male Polycarbonate 1/8” 3,2 mm
MPC22004T03M Male Polycarbonate 1/4″ 6,4 mm
MPC22006T03M Male Polycarbonate 3/8” 9,5 mm
MPC22002T39M Male Polysulfone 1/8” 3,2 mm
MPC22004T39M Male Polysulfone 1/4″ 6,4 mm
MPC22006T39M Male Polysulfone 3/8” 9,5 mm
MPC32003 Cap Polycarbonate
MPCK32003 With Lock Polycarbonate
MPC32039 Cap Polysulfone
MPCK32039 With Lock Polysulfone
MPC30003M Sealing Plug Polycarbonate
MPC30039M Sealing Plug Polysulfone

Details and Information about MPX Quick Couplers

Part Number Connection Material ID OD
MPX17803 Female Polycarbonate 1/2″ 12,7 mm
MPXK17803 Female With Lock Polycarbonate 1/2″ 12,7 mm
MPX17839 Female Polysulfone 1/2″ 12,7 mm
MPXK17839 Female With Lock Polysulfone 1/2″ 12,7 mm
MPX22603M Male Polycarbonate 3/8” 9,5 mm
MPX22803M Male Polycarbonate 1/2″ 12,7 mm
MPX22639M Male Polysulfone 3/8” 9,5 mm
MPX22839M Male Polysulfone 1/2″ 12,7 mm
MPX32003 Cap Polycarbonate
MPXK32003 With Lock Polycarbonat
MPX32039 Cap Polysulfone
MPXK32039 Mit Lock Polysulfone
MPX30003M Sealing Plug Polycarbonate
MPX30039M Sealing Plug Polysulfone
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