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Pressure Gauge

GMPTEC Pressure Gauges are ideal for cGMP processes, for example in the pharmaceutical manufacturing or in the food sector. Our measuring instruments are mostly built-in as multiple-use components in piping systems and other containers. However, they are also adaptable for single-use-assemblies and still can be reused if needed.  


GMPTEC Pressure Gauge

The GMPTEC Pressure Gauge has a connection flange like a regular Tri-Clamp connection, which is mounted by a gasket and a sanitary clamp or by a GMPTEC connection flange. In doing so it is not of importance, whether the connection is at a pipe or also a vessel. The assembling of the Pressure Gauge is not only simple, but also quickly done. 

When it is assembled, the membrane within is in contact with the product. It transfers every little change in pressure to the display. At the outside there is the display showing the measured pressure. This display is available in three different sizes. The larger the display, the more accurate is the figure, which indicated by a black pointer. 

You can find also more information about the functional principal of a Membrane Pressure Gauge here!

Applications of a pressure Gauge in single-use-assemblies:

Despite it’s stainless-steel case this multi-use device is not limited to multi-use assemblies or containers. Also, our aSURE™ portfolio includes a plastic sanitary flange which can be pre-installed in an assembly includes a closed sanitary flange covered with a TPE Membrane. This closed TPE membrane gasket is in order to keep everything within the assembly still uncontaminated and also sterile while the Gauge can be installed from the outside. The measuring of the pressure happens through the membrane at the Tri-Clamp Fitting. Therefore it does not require a direct contact to the stainless-steel membrane. 

The GMPTEC Pressure Gauge details and conformities are:

  • CE
  • FDA
  • Working temperature from -20°C to +120°C (up to 250°C on request)
  • CIP / SIP capable
  • Housing material 1.4301 (304)
  • IP-65 protection class
  • 3.1 certificate of material
  • Material in contact with the product (membrane) 1.4435 (316L)
  • Pointer: Aluminum, black
  • Background: Aluminum, white with black numbers
  • Window: 4mm mineral glass
  • Connection: Tri-Clamp
  • Further connections: on reques
  • Tolerance at 63mm case diameter: 1,6 %
  • Tolerance at 100mm case diameter: 1,0 %

Available sizes of the Pressure Gauge:

Size PN bar ØA ØC dM For tubing
3/4” 40 63 25,4 16 19,05 x 1,65
3/4” 40 100 25,4 16 19,05 x 1,65
1” 40 63 50,5 21 25,4 x 1,65
1” 40 100 50,5 21 25,4 x 1,65
1 1/2” 40 63 50,5 30 38,1 x 1,65
1 1/2” 40 100 50,5 30 38,1 x 1,65
2” 40 63 64 38 50,8 x 1,65
2” 40 100 64 38 50,8 x 1,65
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