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Pinch Valves

Our Pinch Valves are innovative, patent-registered and unique. This product group of valves can be used to stop and release a product flow. The Pinch Valves can be mounted around every tubing and close it up by pinching with a metal shaft. One model is used for stainless-steel pipe systemy or strengthened tubing systems. The Pinch Valves can be installed like regular valves. Within the Pinch Valve is a silicone liner, which is also being pinched like a tubing to enable the closing and opening of it.


GMPTEC Pinch Valves

The special thing about the Pinch Valves liner-technology is, that the custom silicone parts (liner) are within the valves body and there is no other area of contact to the product flow besides the silicone. Also, the passage within the valve is free of dead spots so that the product flow is not interrupted by any obstacles and retains the entire diameter for the flow of the product.

Using Pinch Valves guarantees a non-turbulent flow of the product even with complex manifolds of valves there is no negative influence on the process. For this, there is no special place of installment necessary. It will not cause remains of the fluid which could to stay in the tubings. Also, Sanitary Gaskets will not be necessary additionally, since silicone liners already include gaskets. Those are silicone molding elements, which liners correlate to the tubings diameter. The connection includes Tri-Clamp gaskets which are part of the custom molding which is made of liquid silicone. 

Special purpose solutions for Pinch Valves

GMPTEC not only offers single valves but also individual retractable pinch valves cases. In this cases can be places multiple tubing systems or complex liner-manifolds. The cases made of stainless-steel or 3D printed are special constructions. Which are designed and produced according to individual requirements. Valve heads are exactly positioned where the product flow needs to be regulated by the Pinch Valve. The valve heads or mechanism of regulation can be activated manually via hand knob or automatically via pneumatic actuators.

Further non-invasive goods are besides others the GMPTEC Flow Meter and Bubble Detectors. Also, these sensors can be attached on the tubing or the tubing will be positioned in the sensor, similar to the simple Pinch Valves model. 

Pinch Valves are conform to:

  • FDA CFR 21.177 
  • free of animal components (ACDF Statement, TSE/BSE)
  • USP Cl. VI certified
  • connections: Tri-Clamp or surrounding the tubing mountable
  • Tri-Clamp-gaskets integrated (silicone)
  • valve body material: 316L
  • simply cleaning or single-use
  • range of temperature:  -50°C to 190°C (depending on the material)
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