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Overmoldings are molded single parts or entire systems that are produced by injection molding. The variety and possibilities range is wide and reach from simple, straight crossings, Y-pieces, Tri-Clamp connections to bottle tops and complex distribution systems. The main advantage of molded systems in comparison to regular hose barb systems is that they consist of one piece and do not have edges and barriers from HB connections, where potential leakage and dead spots occur.


Information about Overmoldings

Molded systems are a premium alternative to hose barb systems. A connection between multiple tubings or junctions is not, as regular, done with a hose connector and cable ties, but with injection molding technique. This way, the components are permanently being connected with each other without additional fixations. This method offers multiple advantages, for example it eliminates the risk of leakages on crossings. Furthermore, dead spots can be avoided, since the Overmoldings can be done with the exact same inner diameter as the tubing. 

The material is self-evidently GMP conform and also extensively certified. Not only material conform to FDA, but also USP class VI is being used for production. It is also free of animal derived components and meets the highest quality standards. 

The designs and options of the Overmoldings are multifunctional and can be used in nearly every area and process of the pharmaceutical and also biotechnological industry. Because of this, the Overmoldings are always applied when highest quality and security are required to secure the product as well as the employees. 

This way, for instance, a tubing set for a peristaltic pump applications can be produced, which on the one side can have a Y-piece and two parallel tubings and on the other side the same configuration. Special molded interlocks attached to the pump set are also configurable.

Bottle tops can be produced in various sizes and versions. They are being used with glass bottles to eliminate the problems of bottle tops which are made of stainless-steel. This way a secure process can be guaranteed. Such bottle tops can also directly be assembled into an entire bottle manifold. Molded Bottle-tops offer the possibility to use the present glass bottles without the need of validating new bottles.

Specialties and properties

  • Not only Dead-spot-free design, but also Leakage-free design
  • Autoclavable and also gamma-sterilizable
  • Production in an ISO class 7 cleanroom
  • Batches are retraceable
  • Laser engraving is possible

Processes and applications

  • Not only Single-use, but also Multi-use assemblies
  • Transfer of liquids
  • Sampling
  • Cell cultivation, harvest and also fermentation
  • Filling applications

Conformities and properties

  • UPS Class VI and also FDA conform
  • Free of animal components 

Self-evidently even individual molded parts can be produced as single components, for instance Tri-Clamp reducing parts made of silicone

Are you looking for a specific molded part? Feel free to ask! We will find the right solution at low minimum order quantity and also a reasonable price!

Please note, that only materials of the same resin can be molded together. For example it is not possible to mold a silicone tubing directly to a tubing made of TPE material. If such a connection of materials is necessary we have several connection methods available on request.

Details and Information about individual systems and assemblies

We would be pleased to design individual molded assemblies with you which especially fit into your processes and applications. 

Following shows a small selection of possibilities: 

  • Segments for peristaltic pumps
  • Segments for filling machinery
  • Bottle tops
  • Manifolds
  • Reducer-Set
  • Overmolded tubing sets

The possibilities here are only examples and can even be combined to achieve complex solutions for any process. 

Simply send us a request!

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