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Micro Dose Pump

The micro dose pump MDP-7777 made by the manufacturer Malema™ is an innovative and highly precise pumping device. It uses the same line to either suck in or pump out the media, which can be switched by pressing a button or via programming. The mechanic single-use pumping element is to be installed at the control unit housing, which is also holding the drivetrain. This interface allows a clear separation between the multi-use and single-use elements of the pump.


Micro Dose Pump MDP-7777

The small shape, little weight and also the simple handling enables dosing applications in nearly every environment. The Micro Dose Pump Malema™ MDP-7777 offers a light injection molded design and a six-roll pump head, which provides very precise results at a favorable price. Because of the very fast communication of the electronics enables the pumps unique start-stop speed. When the pump is at rest, it automatically switches into a standby mode in which the power consumption is nearly down to zero.

The MDP-7777 is powered by a very precise piezo engine. The pump head is paired to the engine via a direct-drive mechanic and has also an integrated optical rotary encoder. This design is an efficient and economical solution, which does not have the disadvantages of regular dose pumps. The setting of the flow rate is dynamic, flexible and also steplessly variable.

The MDP-7777 can be used for the following applications:

  • Not only Micro Injections, but also Micro Extraction
  • Sampling
  • Microfluidics

If you are looking for bigger sized pumps, click on the following link.
Here you can find our datasheet.

Multifunctional Micro Dose Pumps

Our micro dose pump can be programmed manually via the built-in LCD screen and offers the following functions:

  • Continuous: Pumping is continuous and even, like with a regular peristaltic pump.
  • Pulsating: For micro dosing and also extraction
  • Individual: Programmable

The micro dose pump made by Malema™ does not require any additional equipment and can be used as soon as it has been installed. No extern controls or switchboard are needed.

Technical details about the Micro Dose Pump MDP-7777:

  • Minimal flow rate: 30 µl/h
  • Maximal flow rate: 300 ml/h
  • Pump tubing: silicone tubing
  • Tubing diameter: 1.5 mm x 3.0 mm (inner diameter x outer diameter)
  • Dimensions of the pump head: 66.2 mm x 52.0 mm x 55.2 mm
  • Electrical connection: 12 V DC (0.5-4.5 Watt)
  • Max. Pressure: 0.48 Bar
  • Flow reverse time: less than 1 ms
  • Volume per pump rotation: 50 µl
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