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HFC39 Disconnectors

HFC39 Disconnectors enable to sterilely disconnect tubing lines from each other. They eliminate the need for tubing welders, sealers or components like pinch clamps. The build-in valve prevents the leakage of remaining product and also protects against external organisms. HFC39 couplers have a hose barb connection and can be used with all common tubing.



Information about HFC39 Disconnectors

The sterile HFC39 disconnectors have a hose barb connection on one side, with sizes ranging from 6,4 mm – 12,7 mm. This allows to quickly and also easily connect different types of tubing, enabling a versatile useability of these couplers. Due to the different hose barb sizes, the HFC39 disconnectors can be used for many processes and production scales. The actual HFC39 coupler is on the other side of the connector. A complete connection always consists of one female and one male coupler.

The usage of the HFC39 disconnectors is easy and also intuitive. To close the connection, simply push both couplers into each other. The successful installation will be confirmed by an audible click. After the connection has been assembled, the internal valve opens the fluid path. The connection is secured against unwanted reopening and can only be released by activating the thumb latch. After the disconnection of both coupling halves, the internal valve will automatically close the fluid path again. This prevents that remaining product is being spilled or that external organisms can enter into the system.

Besides the regular HFC39 disconnectors with an internal valve, there are also non-valved male couplings available. In case the process only requires a valve on one side of the tubing line, this can allow to save some costs. Additionally, there are also caps and plugs available, which can be used to seal off and protect the couplers.

The HFC39 coupling housing is made of extensively tested polysulfone, is being produced in a certified cleanroom and also fulfills even highest requirements. Documentation and test data can be provided upon request.

HFC39 disconnectors can be gamma sterilized or autoclaved. The sterilization via gamma irradiation can be processed with up to 50 kGy and the couplers can either be assembled or separate. Sterilization via autoclave can be done at up to +132 °C for 60 minutes. Separate couplers can be autoclaved multiple times without any problems. Multiple autoclaving of assembled couplers is not recommended.

The allowed pressure rating ranges from vacuum up to 8,6 bar, which makes it possible to use these disconnectors for pressure applications. Please keep in mind, that the used tubing also need to have a matching pressure resistance.

The HFC39 couplers are ideal for being used in pre-assembled ready-to-use systems. These systems can be sterilized by gamma irradiation and used without any additional processing. There are many design possibilities and adjustments for each individual application. Feel free to send us your inquiry and we will gladly develop a possible solution.

Features and Properties about HFC39 Disconnectors

  • Automatic Valve
  • Sterile Disconnection
  • Aseptic Close Off
  • Easy Handling
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Quick and also Easy Disconnection
  • Autoclavable
  • Gammastable
  • ISO Class 7 Manufacturing
  • High Temperature Resistance

Processes and Applications

  • Sterile Disconnect
  • Single-Use Assemblies
  • Multi-Use Assemblies
  • Liquid Transfer
  • Sampling Processes
  • Cell Culture
  • Fill & Finish

Conformities and Properties

  • USP Class VI compliant
  • FDA compliant
  • Animal Derived Component Free (ADCF)
  • BSE/TSE compliant

Details and information about HFC39 Disconnectors

Part Number Type Valve Material Tubing-ID imperial Tubing-ID metric
HFCD17439M Female Yes Polysulfon 1/4″ 6,4 mm
HFCD17639M Female Yes Polysulfon 3/8” 9,5 mm
HFCD17839M Female Yes Polysulfon 1/2” 12,7 mm
HFCD22439M Male Yes Polysulfon 1/4″ 6,4 mm
HFCD22639M Male Yes Polysulfon 3/8” 9,5 mm
HFCD22839M Male Yes Polysulfon 1/2” 12,7 mm
HFC22439M Male No Polysulfon 1/4″ 6,4 mm
HFC22639M Male No Polysulfon 3/8” 9,5 mm
HFC22839M Male No Polysulfon 1/2” 12,7 mm
HFC32039 Cap N/A Polysulfon N/A N/A
HFC30039M Plug N/A Polysulfon N/A N/A
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