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Freezing Shells

Our freezing shells are individually designed protection cases for bags that are being frozen and transported as part of biotechnological processes. All known polymer-tubing and most bags lose their flexibility and resistance against shocks, vibrations and other transport movements at temperatures up to -196°C. GMPTEC freezing shells are made of aluminum and secure the position of the tubing or bag throughout the process.


Freezing Shells Applications

Freezing processes in pharmaceutical productions are divided into two different ranges of temperatures, depending on the actual product. The first processing temperature is at approx. -85°C. Antibody intermediates, finished antibody media and also sometimes micro molecular liquids are frozen at this temperature stage to preserve the product and stabilize it for transport and storage. Static ventilation- and plate freezers are being used for this procedure. The volume of the bag is usually 5 liters and bigger. So, our Freezing Shells are a great expedient.

For applications where cells are being frozen, the bag volume is usually smaller. The freezing, storing and transporting of cells requires a temperature of up to -196°C. In most cases cryo-vessels with liquid nitrogen (LN2) are being used. Mostly the freezing shells are being placed in holders and dipped directly into the liquid nitrogen, but sometimes only the LN2 mist is being used to create an indirect freezing.

For low temperature cell conservation with DMSO as an additional preservative, usually the bag volume is about 500 mL. Our GMPTEC freezing shells are made for bags with volumes from 20 mL to 5 L. However, on request we will also offer further sizes and variants (minimal purchase 10 units). Our standard freezing sheels are suitable for the Freeze-Aramus™ Bag of the manufacturer Entegris, which we also offer as part of our portfolio.

We also offer individualized shell-shelves or holders. When handling different quantities and sizes of freezing shells, while having a limited amount of available space within the cryo-vessels, a suitable shell holder is highly recommended.

Implementations and Applications

  • Cell Cultures
  • Intermediate Storage
  • Frozen Transport
  • Active Ingredient Storage
  • Cell and also Gene Therapy
  • Biotechnology
  • Blood Storage

Technical Details

  • For bags from 20 mL to 2 liters (Cryo)
  • Temperature Range up to -196°C
  • Material: Aluminum AlMg3 H22
  • Surface: Aluminum sheet EN aw-5754, cleaned and fat free
  • Sheet thickness: 0.8 mm
  • Measuring tolerance according to DIN ISO 2768mM
  • Bending radius: 0.5 mm
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