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Flow Meter

Flow measurement by ultrasound is a simple and reliable method to monitor processes and transfers of liquids. Fluid flows in tubing or hose lines can be monitored and displayed on a monitor in real time by these sensors. They are designed as multi-use equipment and therefore reduce costs while at the same time increase the process security and the amount of process automating.

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Information about the Flow Meter

A Flow Meter allow to precisely monitor and record the product flow within a tubing or hose line. The measuring of the flow rate in critical processes in the pharmaceutical or also biotechnological industry is especially of high importance for the quality of the final product. By measuring with ultrasound sensors, a quick and automated monitoring of the flow is possible without any problems.

The Flow Meter with ultrasound can be done with two kinds of sensors. The non-invasive sensors that have no direct contact to the medium, because the tubing only gets inserted into the sensor. On the other hand, the inline-sensors which have direct contact with the medium, because the tubing gets attached to the sensor via hose barbs and the medium flows right through it.

The non-invasive flow meters prevent potential risks of contamination or leakage at the connection to the tubing. This increases the process safety remarkably and also prevents expensive losses of batches. The inline-sensors suit especially well for low flow rates and also achieve precise data even for smallest volumes. Both sensors are designed for multi-use and are suitable for steam-in-place, clean-in-place and also autoclave, depending on the model.

The current data and parameter can easily be displayed on an extern monitor. This works by simply plugging a cable into the sensor and the monitor. Additionally, all functions of the sensor can be accessed by a software on a computer. For instance, this facilitates setting up the parameters for calibration, also displays the measuring process and data and can export it afterwards.

Features and Properties of a Flow Meter

  • Non-invasive measurement by ultrasound
  • High measuring precision
  • Many standard sizes available
  • Multi-use Design
  • Wear-free and also maintenance-free
  • Meets highest safety standards
  • High-capacity software
  • Simply readout of data
  • Integrated electronics
  • Parameter of the sensor are adjustable

Processes and Applications

  • Filling Applications
  • Sampling Processes
  • Filtration Applications
  • Bioreactor and Fermentation
  • Not only Upstream Process, but also Downstream Process
  • Vaccine Production
  • Pump Calibration
  • Process Monitoring

Details and information about the Flow Meter Type C0.55

The SONOFLOW C0.55 is a non-invasive flow rate sensor. It is quick and reliable in measuring the flow rates in tubing and hose lines.

The SONOFLOW C0.55 is available in two different models. The standard version has a housing made of aluminum and a connection for an extern monitor. The other one is the SD(H) model which has a housing of stainless-steel and an integrated display next to the regular connection for an extern monitor.

Here you will find the according data sheets!

SONOFLOW C0.55 Data Sheet
SONOWFLOW C0.55 SD(H) Data Sheet

Details und information about the Flow Meter Type IL.52

The SONOFLOW IL.52 is an Inline-sensor and registers even smallest flow rates or flow speeds precisely. The sensor is capable of CIP/ SIP and is autoclavable. All components within the fluid path are made of high-quality PEEK.

The sensor has a connection for an extern monitor and suits well for installation within machines or systems.

Here you will find the according data sheet!

SONOFLOW IL.52 Data Sheet

Details und information about the Flow Meter Type RD.10

The SONOFLOW RD.10 display allows a simple and clear monitoring of the flow sensors. The sensors can be monitored and operated in real time with the help of this display. The compact housing is compliant to protection class IP67 and suits for numerous applications in different sectors.

Here you will find the according data sheet!

SONOFLOW RD.10 Display Data Sheet

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