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aSURE Tri-Clamp

The aSURE™ Tri-Clamp fittings are made of plastic and are based on a unique technology in the sector of aseptic connections. Different from the previous Tri-Clamp fittings, the products of the series aSURE ™  have a gasket already attached to the flange. This means that the complicated connection handling of multiple individual components like the sanitary flange, gasket and the clamp is facilitated. And therefore the risk of contamination or unnoticed mistakes in assembling are avoided. Even the known problem of a dropped gasket that has to be replaced afterwards will be eliminated due to the unique design of the aSURE™ sanitary flange.


aSURE™ Tri-Clamp usage and benefits

The plastic aSURE ™ Tri-Clamp fittings are exclusively made of materials that are conform to FDA and also USP Class VI. The gasket is attached to the adapter. Therefore it cannot be lost because it was potentially positioned incorrectly. Next to the above-mentioned conformities the material is not only free of any animal components and fulfills also the highest quality standards. The production and packaging takes place also in an ISO class 7 cleanroom at a low level of particles to guarantee the high quality of the product.

Since Tri-Clamp connections have become a standard in many sectors of the pharmaceutical and also biotechnological industry the aSURE™ fittings can be used for almost every application that requires a connection via Tri-Clamp. A secure connection does not require two employees anymore. As the handling of multiple individual components is not needed anymore due to the simplifications of the new series. The complex positioning and fixing of the gasket at the Tri-Clamp flange becomes unnecessary. Therefore, the risks of mistakes in assembling and also from these following leakages can be reduced considerably.

As the gasket is fixed to the Tri-Clamp fitting, the positioning which requires a contact between the gasket and the flanges becomes unnecessary. Each time this procedure is a potential threat of contamination and thereby usually a threat to the entire batch. By the use of aSURE ™ Tri-Clamp fittings also an enormous risk within the production can be minimized.

Preferentially, the aSURE ™ fittings are used in gamma-sterilized ready-to-use assemblies. Where you simplify the handling of the prefabricated systems and additional gaskets become redundant.

aSURE ™ Tri-Clamp process and application:

  • single-use-assemblies
  • WFI sampling
  • cell cultivation, cell harvest and also fermentation
  • filling
  • aseptical transfer of liquids

aSURE™ Tri-Clamp fittings meet:

  • USP Class VI
  • FDA CFR Title 21 Section 177.1520
  • ISO 10993
  • Animal Derived Ingredients Free (ADIF / ADCF)
  • REACH conform
  • Produced in Cleanroom Cl. 7
  • California Proposition 65 conform
  • reduced risk of contamination
  • simplified handling
  • ensures proper alignment
  • non pyrogenic
  • ETO, autoclavable and gamma-sterilizable

aSURE™ Sizes:

Mini Sanitary X Hose Barb*
F-AS-14MPHR075-125 Mini Tri-Clamp x 1/8″ Mono Barb Adapter
F-AS-14MPHR075-187 Mini Tri-Clamp x 3/16″ Mono Barb Adapter
F-AS-14MPHR075-250 Mini Tri-Clamp x 1/4″ Mono Barb Adapter
F-AS-14MPHR075-375 Mini Tri-Clamp x 3/8″ Mono Barb Adapter
F-AS-14MPHR075-500 Mini Tri-Clamp x 1/2″ Mono Barb Adapter
F-AS-14MPHR075-750 Mini Tri-Clamp x 3/4″ Mono Barb Adapter

1-1/2” Sanitary X Hose Barb*
F-AS-14MPHR150-250 1-1/2” Tri-Clamp x 1/4″ Mono Barb Adapter
F-AS-14MPHR150-375 1-1/2” Tri-Clamp x 3/8″ Mono Barb Adapter
F-AS-14MPHR150-500 1-1/2” Tri-Clamp x 1/2″ Mono Barb Adapter
F-AS-14MPHR150-750 1-1/2” Tri-Clamp x 3/4″ Mono Barb Adapter
F-AS-14MPHR150-1000 1-1/2” Tri-Clamp x 1″ Mono Barb Adapter

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