Cleanroom Services

As part of our cleanroom services GMPTEC offers you variety of services that will be done within an ISO certified cleanroom. These services offer several advantages and also facilitate your work. Necessary steps of production, which usually need to be done for each internal process, can be facilitated, quickened or even completely avoided!

The cleanroom services especially improve the workflow in matters of preparation and storage. They can reduce potential mistakes, save time and money while facilitating the daily requirements and tasks of the employees.

Overview of the Cleanroom Services

Following, you will find an overview of the services offered by GMPTEC.


GMPTEC offers to clean components and also equipment within a cleanroom and repackage it afterwards. There are different methods of cleaning to choose from for example cleaning with isopropanol or flushing with distilled water. It increases the product quality vastly by removing contaminations and particles.


The separation up of parts and components followed by individually bagging is what we call repackaging. This is of use when the manufacturer only distributes units with big quantities of items or does not package the items individually. For instance, if you need 50 pieces of a single component for a certain process step every time. We could individually single-bag every piece within the cleanroom, place the overall quantity within another PE-bag and also seal it. Later, only the needed amount can be taken from the storage without any need of opening up larger units. This saves valuable storage space within the cleanroom area since there are no longer any open packages that need temporary storing.


Another one of our services is to compile kits of components that belong together. You will receive one package unit with several associated components. For example, we could pack a Tri-Clamp adapter made of plastic, a gasket made of silicone and a clamp made of nylon into one packaging unit. The packaged kit holds all necessary components for a certain step within the process. They can be documented with one item number instead of several, which reduces the inventory list, facilitates the stock keeping, reduces the costs of process planning and potential mistakes, because the operator always has all necessary items at hand.


Besides repackaging and compiling kits we also offer you to label your goods individually. These labels hold the information you request, for instance the customer specific item number, batch number, also date of production and quantity. Even codification, barcodes or colored marking is possible. This way the components and their intended use can be identified quick and easy.

Gamma Irradiation

As an additional service GMPTEC offers to sterilize components by gamma radiation via an external service provider. The components get exposed with gamma radiation to kill all possibly present microorganisms. The method allows a short processing time and works also through the packaging of the product. It has become one of the most common methods on the market especially for single-use systems and also components. It suits for individually repackaged components as well as for entire packaging units straight from the producer. This means that employees can build own tubing sets or assemblies under a sterile workbench without the need to autoclave the parts on site.

Laser Engraving

Many components can be marked permanently by laser engraving. Such a marking on the product itself has the advantage that it cannot get lost by accident other than conventional labels or additional packaging. Numerous components are suitable for laser engraving, plastic as well as stainless-steel. For example, if you engrave the batch number permanently on the product, the identification is possible even after it is installed. Self-evidently, it is possible to engrave your own logo, too.


Many producers only sell their goods as bulk by the meter, but for many processes or assemblies of equipment, cuttings of tubing are required in bigger quantities. Therefore, we offer the service of cutting the tubing you need into the individually required length. This process is done with the most modern equipment and guarantees also for an exact, steady length and quality of the tubing. Of course, the cuttings can be individually packaged and also labeled. This facilitates the work preparation and also the identification on site during the production process.